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Perfect Dark combat could be "John Wick-esque", it's claimed

Published: 07:55, 22 September 2021
screenshot showing Perfect Dark logo
Perfect Dark logo

Xbox's big exclusive espionage shooter Perfect Dark could have some similarities to John Wick in terms of combat, according to Xbox insider Nick Baker.

Not a lot has been said about The Initiative's debut title Perfect Dark, which was first revealed at last year's The Game Awards show. We got to see a CGI trailer, which confirmed that Joanna Dark is making a comeback and will continue her fight against evil corporations.

An official blog post followed, confirming that the game will be a first-person espionage shooter, just like the original titles. The Initiative also revealed that they will be aiming to make their game unique and different from classic shooters by playing with the physicality, the excitement of movement and more. 

This certainly sounds intriguing but we are yet to see the game in action so we can only imagine how Perfect Dark will look like. XboxEra's insider Nick Baker aka Shpeshal Nick, who is usually spot on with his Xbox predictions states that the game could have "John Wick-esque" combat. 


Now, isn't this super exciting? A John Wick-like combat in a first-person game sounds pretty unique. Yes, some games have already tried to implement some similar gameplay elements. Mirror's Edge comes to mind but we expect a lot more explosive action in Perfect Dark, as seen in the teaser trailer.

In case you're not familiar with the franchise, Perfect Dark is Microsoft's classic IP which follows the story of Joanna Dark, a highly skilled female protagonist as she is trying to stop evil corporations from taking over the world. 

Perfect Dark is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S. 

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