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PC building simulator gets early access on Steam, looks like PC enthusiasts' wet dream

Published: 20:38, 29 March 2018
The Irregular Corporation
Rendering of a table and display from PC Building Simulator
PC Building Simulator

Ignoring our feeble attempts at comedy here, PC Building Simulator by The Irregular Corporation is a full fledged PC building game, with official support from some top names of the IT industry. Also, how cool is that company name?

Players will be building and benchmarking systems in PC Building Simulator's Career, Free Build and tutorial modes, which should be pretty self explanatory. Basically, you're running your own shop, without having to talk to people - ask any PC repairman and he'll tell you it's his dream.

The Irregular Corporation claim that PC Building Simulator has pretty much been completed as far as game features go. However, there's still a long way to go when it comes to modelling. No, not the fashion kind.

The Irregular Corporation A rendering of a room and computer from PC Building Simulator PC Building Simulator

Apparently, making accurate models of real life hardware models and subsequent implementation aren't as easy as they sound. The official partner roster lists some real IT heavyweights such as AMD, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, Corsair, NZXT, Arctic and CoolerMaster. To be fair, with those guys breathing down their necks, no wonder the modelling part is difficult.

This means PC Building Simulator will get even more playable hardware and the devs are interested in working with the community to make the game as great as possible.

PC Building Simulator will be in early access somewhere in the ballpark of 3 months, during which time the devs hope to implement as much hardware as possible.

The Irregular Corporation says by the time the game's out of early access, it should feature water cooling, overclocking, more licensed components, localisation, benchmarking options and more job types in career mode.

You know, had it been EA, they would have probably implemented dust layers and then sell you vacuum cleaners, but the Irregular Corporation seem to more devoted to their game that this.

Of course, in order to build PCs on PC Building Simulator, you'll first have to have a PC and some cash as well, 18 euros to be exact, but you can find out more on the game's .


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