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PC Building Simulator was claimed over one million times in three hours

Published: 14:19, 08 October 2021
The Irregular Corporation
PC Building Simulator was claimed one million times in three hours
PC Building Simulator was claimed one million times in three hours

Fans of custom PC builds are many and Epic Games found that out in the best way possible. PC Building Simulator was this week's Epic freebie and one million fans claimed the title within the first three hours.

Everybody wants to learn how to build their very own PC and The Irregular Corporation's PC Building Simulator proved a perfect freebie to put on Epic Games Store this week. Epic Games just announced that the cult-hit repair ‘em up has been claimed more than two and a half million times since it became available on the storefront yesterday. The first million claims happened after just three hours of availability. 

As a happy side effect, PC Building Simulator is currently also enjoying its highest ever number of concurrent users, with 1500 per cent growth compared to previous peak numbers on PC. PC Building Simulator launched on Steam back in 2018 and the devs are currently working on its biggest ever career mode expansion.

Epic Games will celebrate the remarkable fan response with a sale of every piece of DLC released for PC Building Simulator for the remainder of its free week promotion. All workshop DLCs will enjoy a 10 per cent reduction in price, while the Esports Expansion career pack will be on sale for 50 per cent off. Expect a partial refund if you've already shelled out for the DLCs while they were at full price.

PC Building Simulator lets its players live the dream of being a PC builder/repairman as they learn to diagnose, fix and build PCs. The game also comes with real-world licensed components, hardware and software simulation.

PC Building Simulator is currently available free on Epic Games Store through October 14. 

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