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PC Building Simulator has sold over 100.000 copies in a month

Published: 20:50, 25 April 2018
The Irregular Corporation
A screenshot of an open PC case with all the PC innards in PC Building Simulator
PC Building Simulator

The Irregular Corporation have announced that their PC building title, aptly named PC Building Simulator, has gone viral. This irregular simulator has sold more than 100.000 copies on Steam - within one month of debuting on Early Access.

PC Building Simulator first started as a demo in 2017 when it quickly became the third most downloaded free title on The game was created by Claudiu Kiss, whose efforts didn't go unnoticed. He eventually released PC Building Simulator in Steam Early Access, after partnering up with The Irregular Corporation. The title enjoyed a lot of praise with 91 per cent positive reviews on Steam, which resulted in the high sales.

Stuart Morton, producer at The Irregular Corporation, thanked the players for their overwhelming support. He also noted that player feedback was a critical factor in PC Building Simulator's road to success, even saying that was the main reason they decided to hop into Early Access on Steam. Morton also announced there will be "plenty of new and exciting things to come for PC Building Simulator", hinting at new parts that could be installed into virtual PCs. This could refer to water cooling, as this is one of the most requested features by the player base.

The Irregular Corporation have also declared they are continuously working in order to update PC Building Simulator with new hardware and software partners on the journey to version 1.0 which will mark the official launch of the game later this year.

PC Building Simulator offers players to create their own PC empire in career mode. Just as any career, this one will have humble beginnings in simple diagnosis and repairs to building gaming monstrosities that would leave most of us drooling after one glance at their specs. The game features realistically priced components which prompted some players to joke about the game not being realistic enough by not including the GPU inflation that was caused by crypto currency craze earlier this year.

The Irregular Corporation Screenshot from PC Building Simulator showing the insides of a player built PC. PC Building Simulator

MSI, Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA and NZXT are a few examples of the real life brands that are featured in the game, but the list is a bit longer than that. It makes one wonder how much revenue gets generated in such a simple game from partnerships alone.

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