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PC Building Simulator update v0.8.3.1 adds overclocking

Published: 12:51, 23 June 2018
The Irregular Corporation
Rendering of a table and display from PC Building Simulator
PC Building Simulator

Development of PC Building Simulator is obviously going along well, with The Irregular Corporation's new update adding a bunch of features, including the wet dream of every devoted PC tinkerer ever - overclocking, diagnostics included.

This digital substitute for the craving to sell your kidney for computer parts, which I know oh so well, now boasts overclocking, although The Irregular Corporation stressed that such a major feature is sure to be tweaked further. For now, you've got CPU, RAM clock speeds and voltages, while GPU and VRAM are currently confined to clock speeds. Not that VRAM can be voltaged anyway.

Naturally, PC Building Simulator tries to accurately simulate the real deal, so you won't be overclocking your gear willy nilly without any sort of repercussions. With that in mind, the irregularly shaped company added a PC app based on OCCT, which allows you to stress test the hardware and see whether your rig will take it. "Yes, this is shorter than the 3DMark time", says the dev.

Overclocking is reserved for CPUs at level 6 and GPUS at level 13 when playing Career Mode, although you can overclock away as much as you like in the Free Build mode. Much like in real life counter parts, CPU and RAM are now adjusted in the BIOS, accessible via DEL or F2 when booting.

PC Building Simulator's player level is up to 25, as opposed to earlier 20, providing five new story missions along the way. There's also random job support for Dual GPUs and Water Coolling.

The Irregular Corporation added some new parts as well, such as Antec's AIO water coolers Kuhler H20 K Series K120 and 250 and Mercury 120, 240 and 360 RGB. Also added were two variants of NZXT's Aer P case fans and Silverstone's PS13 non-windowed case.

The Irregular Corporation Screenshot from PC Building Simulator showing the insides of a player built PC. PC Building Simulator

There's a bunch of new tweaks, additions and bug fixes, with plenty to come yet, so we'll be keeping our eyes out. Additionally, the game is available with a 15 per cent discount at the moment, courtesy of our lord and saviour GabeN, so it may be wise to before it's to late.

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