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Path of Exile - It's the Season to be Gory

Published: 10:15, 28 December 2016
Path of Exile - Bloody Mess

Gamers like explosions, and some gamers enjoy gore - Path of Exile treats you to both

It is strange and a little morbid, but then most of Path of Exile's visual design is. This year, same as last, Grinding Gear Games treats its players to some gore soaked fireworks.

In true BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD fashion Path of Exile players can enjoy Gore Fireworks, for New Year celebration purposes, of course. You can get the messy crackers for 15 points a pop, and each stack contains 10 those bloody pops. Lootcifer is pleased.

Path of Exile - Praise Lootcifer Path of Exile - Praise Lootcifer

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