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Path of Exile patch 1.63 fixes shop crashing

Published: 15:39, 15 October 2020
Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile - Heist
Path of Exile - Heist

Grinding Gear Games released another patch for Path of Exile, this time mostly focusing on fixing broken things, such as the game crashing in microtransaction shop.

Grinding Gear Games accidentally prevented their revenue stream from consoles when a bug appeared that would crash the client when the players would visit the microtransaction shop. This issue has been corrected with patch 1.63, along with many others. The other console-specific fix is that players can now remove currency from the trade market while in the Rogue Harbour.

Another big focus of the update was improving the Heist experience for all exiles. For example, blueprint Heist Targets will now generate one to three item levels higher than the area level.

Some Heist monsters could use their skills through closed doors but this will no longer be the case. Furthermore, Tibbs and Niles will no longer get stuck on opening locked Heist Chests if the player uses the League Interface hotkey.

Using Reveal Entire Wing button in Blueprint Reveal UI will now properly award the progress towards the "Reveal Rooms" step of the Complete Heist Encounters IV challenge.

Defeat The Twins Conditionally challenge can now be completed properly and the issue where players couldn't open unique quest contracts has been fixed. Also, the visual bug that caused Brute Force level modifier was displaying Perception level modifier instead has been fixed.

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Path of Exile, Strongbox Chamber

Console and Heist fixes may be the highlights but there are also some more crash fixes and general improvements , listed on GGG forums.

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