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Path of Exile: Harvest changes to two-handed weapons, Brands, Warcries explained

Published: 08:41, 16 June 2020
Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile: Harvest combat
Path of Exile: Harvest

Grinding Gear Games have posted a lengthy explanation of the game balance in Path of Exile: Harvest, including the rework of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, Warcries, Brands and more.

"In Path of Exile: Harvest, we're putting much of our balance focus on Brands, Warcries and two-handed weapons. As a result of Delirium going core, we've also taken the opportunity to balance cluster jewels and their place within the game. We've worked to improve two-handed weapons with big slow hits by improving these investment options across the board", they wrote. 

Two-handed weapons are getting some love and retaking their rightful place at the top of the power meter, while retaining the risk associated with using them in Path of Exile. Slow, heavy hits will now inflict enough hurt to stun the toughest of bosses, regardless of the stun mechanics. 

Two Handed Weapons and Slow Attacks

Path of Exile's entire two-handed melee arsenal has been rebalanced to provide ideal base damage for just about any type of player. Additionally, most of the weapon types have own implicit mods focusing on a specific mechanic. 

The changes come with additions to the passive skill tree providing power and utility, like Tribal Fury or increased total recovery per second for life leeching. 

Skills intended to work with two-handed weapons got a boost as well, with Sunder, Static Strike and Tectonic Slam getting biggest reworks, but with ample numerical changes elsewhere. 

Grinding Gear Games Sacred Grove from Path of Exile: Harvest Path of Exile: Harvest


Path of Exile's Brands are getting a nerf of sorts, as they allowed for a tedious but pretty effective playstyle of running around until everyone is dead. 

"Brands now drop at their original or recalled location when the enemy they are attached to is slain. This prevents them chaining repeatedly out of the player's control, killing monsters that haven't had a chance to meet the player yet", GGG wrote. 

Additionally, Brand Recall no longer refreshes the duration of Brands, and it has a longer cooldown along with lower values of cooldown recovery per level. 

Grinding Gear Games Huge monster from Path of Exile: Harvest Path of Exile: Harvest, hey there little guy!


Warcries are now more powerful but their longer use time comes with a longer cooldown as well, which is no longer shared between Warcries by the way. Path of Exile: Harvest adds a bunch more Warcry passive clusters for cooldown recovery, faster use time, using multiple Warcries, etc. 

"The goal of these changes is to have Warcries be something that has a far more significant impact on combat, with great reward for taking the risk of standing still and using an ability while surrounded", the dev wrote. 

Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile: Harvest Path of Exile: Harvest

You can learn more about the changes coming to Path of Exile: Harvest on the official website .

Path of Exile: Harvest, create your own unholy garden

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