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Path of Exile dev lays out plans for new events, PvP improvements

Published: 17:03, 29 June 2018
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile: War for the Atlas

After Path of Exile's expansion Incursion proved to be a huge hit with fans of this Diablo-done-right RPG, Grinding Gear Games have decided to shed some light on what events, features and updates await the faithful in the upcoming months.

First up is next week's update 3.3.1, which brings two series of Incursion rooms. Grinding Gear pointed out that "all past and present variations of a room count as one series", although we'll know more come next week.

It turns out that Cold Snap's (no it's not a drink) damage over time overlapped, which made it inflict more damage than planned. Unknowingly, the dev balanced around it but once fixed, they'll be upping its damage by up to 25 per cent, Vaal Cold Snap included.

Path of Exile's update 3.3.2 will bring what the dev calls Partying Improvements, which as you can already guess refers to social oriented features. There'll be a new, streamlined teleportation mechanic, so as to make finding your buddies even easier, as well as optional downlevelling.

Come August 2018, Path of Exile will be getting a month long event that the dev claims is similar to Flashback during Bestiary. Nevertheless, we'll know more as August draws closer.

September 2018 will bring a major content update, version 3.4.0, which should be similar in scope to Incursion. We're talking about an "ambitious" league, with a set of skills and skill revamps for even more versatility in builds. Note however that the number of affected skills will be lower than in 3.3.0, even though the dev expects them to be just as impactful. 

Path of Exile will be getting a bunch of PvP tweaks as well, albeit most of them are reserved for the 3.4.0 update.

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In case you're a longtime fan of Path of Exile, you should know that Grinding Gear Games are getting ready to hold ExileCon in New Zealand towards the end of 2019. It appears like preparations are already in full swing so if you want to be part of it, you can for more information.

You can find Path of Exile's dev .

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