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Path of Exile: Breach Update Live

Published: 12:01, 03 December 2016
Updated: 09:52, 05 December 2016

The fabric of reality is riddled with holes, all over Wraeclast

just rolled out a new update for Path of Exile, titled . Aside from technical upgrades and numerous DirectX 11 features, including new fog and cloth physics systems, the update adds an interesting new boss: the Breachlord.

The interesting thing about this guy is that he will drop more loot, the more damage players manage to unload on him, as he tries to make his escape. The update also provides hoards of new unique items, that tie back into the Breach theme with various upgrade mechanics for those same items.

The new Breach Challenge League is also included in the update, with 40 new challenges and rewards for completing them. A new host of supporter packs is available for those willing to reward the developers and fund the game, while at the same time displaying some bling. All available microtransactions in Path of Exile remain fair and purely cosmetic.

The free-to-grind game is now in version 2.5.0. A testament to the developers persistence and endurance in providing a highly polished indie title, to players who like to dig into monster slaying and loot grabbing without having their faces smashed against a pay-wall every now and then.


Path of Exile: Breach

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