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Path of Exile Blight now available on PC, later on consoles

Published: 16:42, 06 September 2019
Grinding Gear Games
Promotional screenshot for Blight in Path of Exile
Path of Exile - Blight

Path of Exile Blight is available on PC as of 6 September 2019 while the console players will need to wait until Monday, 9 September 2019. The expansion will bring new free content as well as many balance changes to popular archetypes.

Path of Exile is one of those games that are often buried under heaps of praise thrown at them and for good reason. Grinding Gear Games have been adding significant amounts of new content per expansion for years and all of it was free. Probably gives you a good idea why people don't mind microtransactions in the game.

Anyway, the latest expansion is called Path of Exile: Blight. The title of the expansion refers to the new fungal growths that started controlling the monsters around them. While mopping the floor with gratuitous clumps of various monsters will still be the core of gameplay loop in Blight, this expansion will introduce a new approach as well.

Grinding Gear Games stated that Blight will merge the well-known action combat of PoE with the strategy reminiscent of the classic tower defence games. While this may sound a bit off, it seems like GGG have a good idea on what to do with the concept.

The new NPC, Sister Cassia, will both educate the players about the dangers of the fungal growths and direct them how to deal with the unwanted infestation. Well, destroying the fungal pods is how you deal with it so it's not much of a secret.

On the other hand, the tower defence spin comes once you actually attack such an infestation point since the fungal growth will direct its mind-controlled minions to attack the players. The minions will move along the growth's tendrils, which is the same as the preset paths in tower defence games, and will attempt to destroy the ichor pumps the players placed in order to stop the infestation.

Grinding Gear Games Promotional image for Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile

Furthermore, these minions are tougher than the regular monsters so players will need assistance from the towers they build. Each tower can exploit a monster's specific weakness which is key to successfully defending the tendril lanes. For each successful defence, a chest filled with loot will appear at the end of the encounter.

As per usual, the expansion will introduce balance changes to some archetypes. This time it's Poison Assassin, Necromancer and Mine Saboteur that will be altered. You can read about it more as well as check the countdown to release on the official .

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