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Oxenfree developer announces Afterparty launch date

Published: 17:23, 20 September 2019
Night School Studio
Painted Satan standing behind a bar like a bartender

Night School Studio, the team you're probably familiar with from their lovely adventure Oxenfree, have announced the launch date of their next game, which has you drinking with the Prince of Darkness himself, and it launches in October.

Afterparty officially launches on 29 October 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with details on Nintendo Switch launch expected in the upcoming months.

The studio was founded by Telltale and Disney Interactive Studios industry veterans, so you can already imagine that Night School Studio packs a powerful narrative punch, even if you somehow didn't play Oxenfree. 

Afterparty is definitely no exception to this, as its premise is quite outrageous, not to mention funny. Namely, you'll be playing a drinking game with Satan, trying to outdrink him and earn your way back to Earth. 

"Instead of getting with the concept of being eternally flayed, you must elbow your way into Satan’s house party and convince him to grant you re-entry to Earth. But (lucky for you?) the only way he’ll consider it is if you can outdrink him", the dev wrote.

So, Afterparty will take you through Hell's weirdest districts, and the dev says they said that there was a number of creative pillars support the game. The first link in the chain is the fact you'll be playing as two best friends, which let the team explore all the pros and cons of knowing someone too well. 

Their depiction of hell apparently draws from all religions but is more focused on relating it to real life. "It was a blast developing our own set of rules, deviating from the familiar pitchforks and fire in most interpretations of Hell. Our dead people and demons have jobs, families, and argue over the good parking spot like the rest of us. But they also throw Death Day parties for serial killers", Night School said. 

Night School Studio Two painted characters sitting on a roof and drinking Afterparty, besties in Hell

There will be more than 30 drinks for you to drink in Afterparty, where each one grants you different types of personality boosts. This, in turn, opens up different dialogue options, as well as ways characters speak. 

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