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Oxenfree's spiritual successor, Afterparty has you outdrinking Satan to escape Hell

Published: 18:12, 23 March 2018
Night School Studio
Painted Satan standing behind a bar like a bartender

Despite the striking similarities between Afterparty and Night School Studio's earlier game Oxenfree, the studio said they've refreshed their interactive storytelling formula with everything they learned so far and plan to deliver in style.

The idea goes - all my friends are going to hell, so why not enjoy it, and it's as universal as world peace. Night School Studio's Afterparty, however, delved ridiculously deeper and has players outdrinking Satan in order to escape Hell. 

Night School Studio Two painted characters sitting on a roof and drinking Afterparty

Afterparty's story follows Milo and Lola, recently deceased friends, who end up in Hell, but with a twist. If they happen to outdrink the dark lord of the underworld - they get to go back to Earth. As you could've heard in the trailer, one of the cocktails is called Dead orphans so you can imagine what will follow.

Of course, outdrinking Satan isn't easy, after all - he is the patron saint of all things bad. Thus, your after-party in Afterparty will require fumbling around Hell. It's very similar to playing Eve, except this can be fun occasionally.

Night School Studio Two painted characters performing on karaoke in the game Afterparty Afterparty

To be fair, Afterparty's version of hell doesn't look like a place you'd necessarily want to escape from immediately. Well, at least not until you've had a few at the bar.

Night School Studio said they "wanted to merge a heavily player-driven outlandish comedy that feels surprising and spontaneous." And outlandish it is.

Night School Studio A painting of a reimagined Hell from the game Afterparty Afterparty

Now visually, the game seems like an upgrade to Oxenfree, which if you didn't play - you should. However, Afterparty got a major stylistic overhaul and with a ridiculous enough premise, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

The devs didn't give an exact release date, but they did say it's coming sometime in 2019.

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