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Owlboy making his way onto Switch

Published: 18:28, 19 May 2017
D-Pad Studio

D-Pad Studio's side-scroller Owlboy will be landing on the Switch soon. An exact release date is still unknown.

Who is the main character of the latest indie game coming to Switch? Who, who, who? Who's going to show me the door? Ok I'll see myself out.

The side-scroller Owlboy will be another in the long line of indie games making their way onto Nintendo's latest home/portable console. Lets get acquainted with Owlboy. The game is a 2D metroidvania in which players control Otus - the titular Owlboy - as he explores a floating world in the clouds. 

D-Pad Studio Owlboy Owlboy

Owlboy has had some growing pains as it was in development for nine years, but it still managed to release to high critical acclaim this past fall. The game was officially confirmed for the Switch during the latest Japanese episode of the Cat Mario Show. No specific release date was given. 

Owlboy first took to the skies on in 2016. Otus is the owlboy the game is named after, and the gift of flight has been bestowed on his shoulders. He is tasked with saving his village from a band of sky pirates. Arr.

D-Pad Studio Owlboy Owlboy

He will use his gift to navigate the game's stages. Otus doesn't have to do everything on his own though, as a number of other characters can accompany him in his adventures. Those other characters have special abilities as well. 

Owlboy hasn't been announced for any other platforms at the moment. Recently, the game was featured in  and the bundle includes the game's soundtrack as well. It's also available on and a physical copy can be purchased over at  .

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