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Othercide's gameplay will be similar to that of John Wick Hex

Published: 01:06, 17 July 2020
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Othercide screenshot showing gameplay
Othercide gameplay

Othercide, the stylish game about tactically killing nightmares got a new gameplay trailer that previews mechanics such as the timeline which is highly reminiscent of the one in John Wick Hex.

John Wick Hex proved to be a rather intriguing game, with most of the positive parts being in the gameplay mechanics as opposed to the presentation which we found lacking in our review

One of the main reasons why gameplay was so interesting is the timeline mechanic which allows for smoothing of the turn-based combat, giving it that stylish John Wick feel as players weaved gun-fu moves into a proper highlight reel.

Now it appears that Othercide will use a similar system. It was already known that the game would be a turn-based tactics one but the trailer shown below was the first glimpse of how it would look in action.

The main difference between Othercide and John Wick Hex will be that you command a squad of daughters here, instead of just one assassin who happens to be a man of focus, commitment and sheer will. 

Therefore, to get a move or two before the enemies in the timeline, the daughters will be able to hasten each other, slow enemies and have other feats of teamwork that will dictate the flow of battle and not rely on breaking the enemy's line of sight.

This system also allows for amazing combos where the daughters can have a proverbial match of ping pong by juggling monsters between them, each hitting with a different attack, as seen in the trailer above.

Furthermore, Othercide's gameplay depth will be enhanced by the RPG system where each daughter can develop traits, depending on the way she fights. Levelling them up will also grant the daughters various skills to enhance their abilities.

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