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Othercide gets a reveal trailer ahead of PAX East 2020

Published: 18:15, 21 February 2020
Lightbulb Crew

Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive presented the first trailer for Othercide, the stylish turn-based RPG that will be present at PAX East 2020. It reveals bits of the story as fans are getting hyped up before the showing at the event.

Fans of turn-based tactics and RPG games are sure to be exhilarated in 2020 as many promising titles such as Wasteland 3 and Empire of Sin are still due for release, Corruption 2029 just came out and Othercide is captivating the audience wherever it's shown.

The almost entirely black-and-white game got its first trailer ahead of the showing bits of the back story and the reason why the monsters are roaming the cursed land.

You can check the trailer itself below, in order to avoid spoilers from the article or the announcement that the developers made on Steam. According to Lightbulb Crew, players will get to experience the dying timeline and discover the secrets of the City and the Suffering found in it. It appears that there were many wrongs done in the unnamed City as it's now surfacing and Suffering is its manifestation.

Players will attempt to stop it with the army of Daughters, who appear to be echoes of the greatest warrior to ever live, likely referring to the Mother, who is also mentioned on the store page .

Two interesting bits about Othercide's gameplay. The first one is that players will have to make tough choices at times as some Daughters will have to get sacrificed in order for others to be healed.

Other than that, the turn-based combat will unfold with the unorthodox timeline system which can be seen on some of the screenshots on the Steam page linked above. From the first looks, it appears to borrow from the system used in John Wick Hex .

Othercide will be released at some point during summer 2020 but more details are bound to pop up next week during PAX East.

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