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Codemasters' co-op racer Onrush beta date has been confirmed

Published: 13:24, 10 May 2018
Updated: 14:19, 10 May 2018
Two cars racing under a dome structure in racing game Onrush

Codemasters have finally decided to grant the wishes of the masses waiting on their upcoming co-op racer Onrush and the company announced the game going into beta on 17 May 2018. PS4 owners who pre-order can play it two days earlier though.

Of course, we were far from being the only ones interested in Codemasters' latest creation. Even the devs say their twitter is filled with fan requests for beta dates. "Oi! Beta dates! NOW!" Can't argue with that, right?

So, Onrush's beta will let players choose between the Interactive Tutorial, 6v6 Online Multiplayer and Superstar Practice mode, the last of which can be played in "solo co-op or with friends." There's also the Photomode, which is only available in the Superstar Practice mode.

As for actual Onrush modes, Codemasters threw in Overdrive and Countdown. As the name suggests, Overdrive is built around the Rush boost mechanic, so teams have to rack up points by doing tricks, performing knockdowns, etc.

The Countdown mode relies on track times and gates to add time to your team's clock. Naturally, the team that runs out of time loses so teams need to drive well and hopefully not get wrecked to win in Onrush.

Onrush's beta will have two two tracks dubbed the Big Dune Beach and Volcano lake. As you can see from the screenshot, Codemasters really went all out towards making sure that the world of Onrush is just as immersive as its gameplay.

Naturally, Onrush's beta features only select vehicles, albeit Codemasters seem to have saved the heaviest hitters of the bunch for last. That's not to say that beta vehicles are lacking though - Vortex, Interceptor and Titan are more than capable.

Codemasters Screenshot of Big Dune Beach, a race track from Onrush Onrush, Big Dune Beach.

Vortex fills up the Rush meter with barrel rolls and once he hits the switch, he leaves the kind of turbulence you don't want to catch. Also, it loves timed landing.

Interceptor is the speedster of the bunch that loves near misses and comes with extra juice. Also, if you keep taking other Onrushers down, your Rush meter will thrive.

In case you're interested in the remaining classes, you can find them finely dissected in our . You can check out the rest of the screenshots in our gallery below.



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