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Codemasters explain Onrush's modes in their new trailer

Published: 19:08, 28 May 2018
View of an open race track from Codemasters' game Onrush

Codemasters have rolled out yet another trailer for their high octane co-op racer Onrush, detailing the four racing modes you'll encounter in the game - Countdown, Lockdown, Overdrive and Switch. The team went full creative and it shows.

In all honesty though, if someone told you about a racing game that has no use for finish lines, you'd at least have to lift your eyebrow. But Codemasters pulled it off in Onrush in such a way that it feels like nothing is out of the ordinary.

The names do well to hint at what to expect, so Countdown has drivers driving through gates to extend their team's tim. Once the clock reaches zero, a point is awarded to the opposing team.

Control mode uses zones to improve racing dynamics and I must admit it's a pretty clever gimmick by Codemasters. Once a green zone appears on the track, your teams better be in it. Naturally, the opposing team thinks the same and Orush carnage is on again.

Now Codemasters said it well, "Overdrive is Onrush distilled to its purest form" and we'd agree. The catch is in the Rush meter - the team that fills up and spends its Rush meter the fastest will come out on top. Seeing as how Rush is earned from takedowns and tricks, you know what to do.

The last but not the least is Switch, a mode where everyone rides bikes. Until they crash that is, which is when they move onto the next class of vehicle. Every Onrush player is given three vehicles to switch to. Once your team is out of options, you lose.  

Codemasters already revealed the vehicle roster with names liek Charger, Interceptor, Blade, Enforcer, Dynamo, Outlaw, Vortex and Titan. If you're interested in learning more about what each car does, you can check out the trailer here.

Codemasters Cars racing on a dirt road with tires flying through the air Codemasters: Onrush

Onrush is on track for launch on 05 June 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we can almost smell the rubber at this point. Oh no, scratch that, I just missed the ashtray.


Codemasters: Onrush

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