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New trailer for Onrush shows vehicle classes in the vein of TF2

Published: 17:38, 24 April 2018
Heavily damaged car driving on a dirt road
Codemasters: Onrush

Even though we've written about Onrush on several occasions, we didn't realize just how far Codemasters will go in ensuring their driving title arrives with a bang. Think along the lines of Team Fortress and Overwatch and you're there.

Indeed, plenty of users wondered how exactly do Codemasters plan on going about a racing game that doesn't have a traditional winner. No need to wonder though as this year's EGX Rezzed provided the answers.

Onrush is a team based racing game that relies on time-attack rules. Teams extend their time by various activities, where the winner is decided once the other team times out. 

The classes Codemasters are not merely cars, trucks or bikes. In fact, each of the vehicle classes in Onrush comes with own set of perks, much Team Fortress and Overwatch.

The first one is the Charger, whose perks let it fill up its RUSH meter by driving near opponents and give it superior handling when attacking in the air. Activating the RUSH meter lets it plow through enemies with a physically larger RUSH effect.

Next up is the Interceptor, a racing car that earns RUSH from performing near misses, has a more costly yet more effective initial boost and is capable of refilling the RUSH gauge if they keep up successive takedowns.

The Blade is a a motorcycle, so its air flips and tricks help it score RUSH where others can't, whereas the Crashbang ability ensures that opponents who collect your tombstones are blinded for a while. Also, his RUSH boost leaves a trail you don't want to follow. 

The Enforcer is the brute of the lot, earning RUSH from ramming. Ramming your opponents also deactivates their boosts when doing so and the Enforcer's RUSH boost blinds opponents behind him.

The Dynamo is the support class of the group, whose RUSH meter refills by staying close to their teammates. Furthermore, the Dynamo can restock its teammates with boost pickups whereas activating its RUSH meter makes a high speed boost hotspot for the entire team.

Codemasters A motorcycle jumping over a large truck on a dirt road Codemasters: Onrush

Outlaw is similar to the Blade, albeit a bit more offensive. It mimics the Blade's trick-pulling capabilities but its Slam boost ability makes landing after jumps an art, even if it is the violent sort. Activating its RUSH drains the opponents' meters, forcing a pretty clever playing style.

The Vortex's RUSH meter fills when performing barrel rolls. The Vortex benefits greatly from timed boost landings whereas its RUSH meter activation leaves a streak of turbulence you don't want to drive in.

Last of the lot is the Titan, a class that earns RUSH directly from taking down opponents. It also grants shield to nearby teammates and can release a trail of blockades to slow down enemies.

Onrush is scheduled for launch on 05 June 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Codemasters: Onrush

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Codemasters' upcoming title promises to turn quite a few heads when it arrives for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in Summer 2018.

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