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Nvidia update Quake 2 RTX with better graphics and configuration

Published: 17:27, 29 November 2019
Quake 2 level rendered in Nvidia's RTX
Quake 2 RTX v1.2

Even though the tech has been around for a while, ray-tracing seems one of the major graphics selling points these days, so it's no wonder Nvidia keeps playing around with one of the most iconic shooters to grace this industry - Quake 2.

The ray-traced remaster of id Software's masterpiece was launched in June, aptly named Quake 2 RTX, and even though it was quite the eye-candy - Nvidia seem to be far from being done with it. 

"Now, we’re launching a major v1.2 update that further improves graphical fidelity, and introduces new configuration options so you can tailor the experience to your liking", they wrote, but there's much more to version 1.2 than it seems. 

Nvidia spruced up more than 400 textures and improved the rendering of metal, which gives Quake 2 RTX that same-but-way-better sort of look.

Quake 2 water got an overhaul as well, so Quake 2 RTX renders underwater god rays, as well as their display in reflections and refractions. That true SF look, meaning a host of buttons and displays you have no clue what they're for, has been achieved with real-time ray-traced graphics on in-game security monitors and displays. 

Nvidia enabled reflections reflected in other reflections, i.e. recursive reflections, which allows for a hall of mirrors effect. Speaking of mirrors - glass and all the light effects associated with it have been updated. Quake 2 RTX v1.2 even boasts an optional Thick Glass setting, which makes it even shinier. 

Nvidia Futuristic level from Quake 2 with Nvidia RTX rendering Quake 2 RTX v1.2, what does this button do?

"Additionally, we’ve also made numerous changes and improvements to denoising and other rendering features, improving image quality in all levels, and greatly improving quality in certain scenes", Nvidia wrote. 

Nvidia Quake 2 level rendered with Nvidia's RTX tech Quake 2 RTX v1.2, quite a sight, no?

You can find more images, comparisons and the link to Quake 2 RTX's v1.2 update .

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