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No way PlayStation 5 will cost more than $500, former Xbox exec says

Published: 09:16, 15 June 2020
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There's only one thing left before we can officially declare the start of the next round of console wars - the price - and a former Xbox exec may have good news for Sony fans.

Yeah, we know the "Xbox exec" and "good news for Sony" construct is probably hurting your brain, but it's true. Albert Penello, the former head of marketing at Xbox, estimates that the next-gen jump won't result in astronomic prices. 

"I believe in the saying "never say never" But I gotta say never. No way this console is over $499", he tweeted recently. 

Sony have been elusive on the pricing of PlayStation 5 and usually deflected price-related questions to the value their next-get console will add to the fray. As you'd expect, this isn't very reassuring for those who want to know about the price, as it makes us think it could be much higher than what we've had before. 

Microsoft and Xbox made significant leaps this generation so it's not the same companies locking horns anymore. It's expected that each will eat up some of the cost of their respective consoles, as there's no substitute for an attractive price point. 

"Price in this generation may be the most important indicator of success. Maybe even more than exclusives. There has never been a more divergent set of specs, features, and price points then I think we're going to see this gen. It will be fascinating. Someone should write a book", he said. 

The general hope, not to say expectation, is about at what Penello estimated. If PlayStation 5 could hit that $500 price point, that would ensure it stays in the race and doesn't repeat the train wreck that was PS3. 

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