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No need to change your offensive PSN ID, Sony will do it for you

Published: 10:22, 15 April 2019
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It turns out that Sony's newly introduced feature that allows for changing PlayStation Network IDs isn't exactly voluntary in all of the scenarios, as the company will be replacing offensive names with placeholders until owners change them.

The company updated their online FAQ on 08 April 2019 with an entry on what to do if your online ID has changed to 'temp'.

It reads, "If you find that your online ID is now ‘Tempxxx’, this change was caused by a report from another player and an investigation by moderation staff, with a finding that your online ID has breached the PSN Terms of Service."

Thankfully, this process won't be left to algorithms alone, but rather a combination of player reports and moderator review. After all, strict but poorly thought out algorithms tend to backfire, as fans found out for themselves, in their quest to spell assault without writing ass.

If you happen to find that your freshly changed PSN ID has been changed to 'Tempxxx', you've practically just thrown away $9.99, or only $4.99 in case you've got PlayStation Plus membership.

In that case, Sony advises switching back to your previous ID. This, of course, won't cost you a dime, as Sony confirmed in the original .

Should you find that your original online ID has been changed by Sony's moderators, the company posted on what to do, as the revert feature is no longer an option.

Sony previously warned players that the PSN Online ID change works as expected for all the games that launched after 01 April 2018, but they've since crossed out that section and replaced it with a warning that "not all games and applications for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems" support it.

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If you're wondering whether a particular game supports PSN ID change, you can check out the list of supported games . We guess it's better safe than sorry.

You can check out Sony's launch blog post from 10 April here, or refer to the aforementioned FAQ .  

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