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Destiny 1 is put on life support as efforts flow into Destiny 2

Published: 09:38, 05 June 2017
Destiny 2 is on the way...

Bungie is done with the first Destiny. While the game is not completely abandoned, and will still receive support and technical updates, no new content or major changes are to be expected. This is a direct result of the studio focusing all of its resources on Destiny 2.

A lot of conversation surrounding the first Destiny game inevitably dives into daydreams about the games oh so great potential. Comparisons between what Bungie promised, what could have been and what really is can all now be safely put to rest. Destiny 1 is now officially, all that it will ever be.

Activision Destiny 2 first images showed new worlds, characters, weapons, and activities. Destiny 2 first images showed new worlds, characters, weapons, and activities.

"Age of Triumph was touted as the last update to Destiny. In our constant watch over the community, we’ve heard many of you asking if the current sandbox will get another design pass. Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2", reads the most recent by Bungie.

In other words, they are done with Destiny 1. Technical support will still continue, but there will be little-to-no content updates as the studio focuses all their creative efforts on the sequel.

"One thing you can count on when it comes to Destiny is ongoing assistance to keep you connected and informed. Destiny Player Support is committed to serving that purpose, even after Destiny 2 launches."

This is quite an expected move on Bungie's part. They don't want to split their community between two games, and definitely want as many people as possible to move on to Destiny 2, without completely foregoing the eartning potential of the first product.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

But, who knows, the first game might even go free-to-play at some point, as a part of promoting the sequel, or some other reason.

Destiny 2 is set to launch on 8 September 2017, and will be the first series entry to come to PC as well, while also being the first non-Blizzard game to go through Will it become competition for Overwatch? Will PC FPS fans who are used to radically different design conventions compared to their console brethren give a hoot? We will know later this summer.



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