Game News patch removes Activision from Destiny 2 credits

Published: 08:18, 25 May 2019
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Destiny 2

The latest patch for launcher has removed all credits to Activision from Destiny 2. Now, Destiny 2 page on only displays that the game is developed by Bungie and published by Bungie. No trace of Activision whatsoever.

Earlier this year, Bungie and Activision split ways after a long and not so successful eight-year partnership. Bungie have taken Destiny 2 independent and are now the official developer and publisher of the game. 

As you may know, Destiny 2 is available on, and if you play the game, or start the launcher from time to time to play WoW, Call of Duty or other avaliable games, you'll know that Activision's logo was still present in the credits, despite the split up.

Well, in the latest patch for the launcher, the logo has finally been removed and Destiny 2's page on now proudly displays that the game is developed by Bungie and published by Bungie, without a single trace of Activision.

The Activision category, under which Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Destiny 2 were listed along with other games from the publisher, has been renamed and now simply states "Partner Games".

Back when Bungie and Activision announced the breakup, they had an agreement that Destiny 2 stays on but now it's possible that the game arrives to other stores on PC. Of course, this is not confirmed and it's just a guess. However, you can bet that the next Destiny game will indeed launch on other platforms.

We also don't know Activision's plans regarding It's possible that the company leaves the platform for good and starts releasing their games on Steam and/or Epic Games Store.

The next Call of Duty game reveal is just around the corner so we should get some information on the PC release and where exactly Activision plan to launch the title.

Altchar screenshot showing launcher destiny 2 page

Until then, you can check out the new in Destiny 2 that is starting on 04 June 2019. It's the final DLC for the game and it brings new raid Crown of Sorrow.

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