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Blue Byte will pass on microtransactions for Anno 1800

Published: 18:06, 09 April 2019
Anno 1800 screenshot of riot or strike in the city street with banners
Anno 1800

Ubisoft and Blue Byte's upcoming industrial age city-builder strategy Anno 1800 will not feature any microtransaction in its multiplayer or singleplayer component. All in-game cosmetics will be available for internal currency only.

Connoisseurs of video games are somewhat spooked recently, and with every other high-profile title adopting lootboxes and microtransactions just to squeeze out an extra bit of revenue - who could blame them?

Those eagerly anticipating the release of Anno 1800 and next week's open beta test can rest easy, as representatives from Blue Byte have confirmed that there are no plans in place to add microtransactions to the game, and we expect to see no lootboxes by extension either.

When asked about the eventuality of such a feature appearing in Anno 1800, Blue Byte Community Developer Bastian Thun dismissed the notion with ease.

"The cosmetics - the ornaments - you can see in the game are not microtransactions, they are not purchasable, they are earned through Uplay points which you get by just playing the game. Basically, by getting achievements you can unlock a few buildings," Thun explained.

Granted, Anno 1800 was an unlikely candidate for that often infamous aspect of modern monetisation methods, but with both the studio and publisher having a keen eye on the game's multiplayer aspect, it is still a reasuring statement.

If knowing a city-builder strategy title will forego microtransactions is enough to spark your interest, and you are somehow still unaware of the venerable Anno series, then you can sign up for the upcoming open beta.

Open beta testing is scheduled to take place this week, starting on 11 or 12 April 2019 depending on your region, with pre-loads commencing a day in advance.

BlueByte Anno 1800 pre-release screenshot showing agricultural island colony Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is quite ready for launch now, after . Considering that the time span between the open beta and proper release is a mere few days, the developers are likely confident the game is ready.

AltChar will be keeping an eye on Anno 1800 during the release period, and if you want to know more about the game's features in both singleplayer and multiplayer, have a look at with Blue Byte.

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