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It seems that No Man's Sky has finally lived down the launch

Published: 17:39, 02 April 2019
Hello Games
One of gorgeous looking fan-made screenshots from No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky, Fan Screenshot

It looks like ancient history now, thinking back to when Sean Murray ended up Peter-Molineuxing the announcement of No Man's Sky, leaving those who were unreasonably excited in an equally as unreasonable rage. Thankfully, it's the past.

And judging by the almost exclusively positive news on No Man's Sky as of late, this isn't going to change.

Much of this has got to do with a happy team, Murray says, insisting that Hello Games are no longer driven by finances and are simply doing what makes them happy.

In spite of No Man's Sky hefty exposure, many players forget that Hello Games are much smaller than your AAA studios and that the game is quite a success, by just about any relevant metric.

"Next sold the kinds of numbers that a AAA game would be happy about", said Murray, although he steered clear of exact figures. Nevertheless, he said that his initial forecasts were very modest, making everything else a big bonus.

Sky is the limit for No Man's Sky it seems, and the community is fully onboard. They're longer made of enraged players, determined to put every word Murray said, ever, to the test - they're actually painting his face across

Murray isn't the one to hold grudges, but he did mention that he took the entire ordeal particularly hard, even more so when the team were accused of being downright too lazy to fix No Man's Sky.

"It kills me that the general narrative around it is that the team wasn't hard-working, or that they're lazy. It hurt me to see that. We wanted people to be proud of what they've done, and feel that they made a thing people like”, he said.

Hello Games The promotional poster for Hello Games' No Man's Sky Next No Man's Sky, Next

No Man's Sky has recently hopped aboard the VR train as well, which is just in time for . Well', that's provided that our lord and saviour GabeN decides to offer a more affordable headset, which is based on too many ifs at the moment.

You can find Murray's interview

No Man's Sky, a space exploration adventure by Hello Games

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