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No Man's Sky Emergence update adds massive sandworms

Published: 16:08, 20 October 2021
Hello Games
No Man's Sky adds sandworms in its latest update
No Man's Sky adds sandworms in its latest update

Hello Games have released another massive update for No Man's Sky. The highlight of this one are massive Dune-inspired sandworms.

Hello Games have once again dropped a massive update for their space exploration sim No Man's Sky. The studio have been working hard to deliver some exciting new features and today, they have shared first footage with the new content as well as a detailed blog post on their official website , explaining what exactly can players expect from this big content drop.

The highlight of this update are certainly Titan Worms, which are Dune-inspired sandworms that can be found on the new planet Wasan. 

"As travellers cleanse planets of cursed dust and hunt the titanic sandworms, they will unravel the threads of a dark narrative. Complete the expedition route to reveal the history of a dark cult, and ultimately confront the Atlas with evidence of this indelible stain upon the universe," Hello Games write in the blog post. 

The update will introduce various sandworm types as well as rideable sandworms. Yes, you will be able to feed, pet, ride sandworms, which is pretty cool. 

Here's the breakdown of the new update: 

  • Planetary Settlements 
  • Become Town Overseer 
  • 250+ new Base Parts 
  • Town NPC Sim 
  • Proc Interiors 
  • 15x Saves 
  • Disputes 
  • Monstrous Pets 
  • Visual Effects 
  • Twitch Campaign 
  • Season 3 
  • Space Nebulae 
  • Base Building Overhaul 
  • Settlement Sim 
  • Grow + Defend Towns

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