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No Man's Sky is getting Exo Mechs soon, as update trailer leaks early

Published: 11:14, 07 April 2020
Hello Games
No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft
No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft

Okay, we see how the leak ruins a great surprise for No Man's Sky fans and players, but the cat seems to be out of the bag. It turns out that Xbox jumped the gun and posted the trailer earlier than Hello Games announced it.

It's definitely the real deal though, and Hello Games' creative touch is undeniable. Xbox's team took it down quickly after they realised their mistake but as it happens so often, it spread like wildfire across the web. 

Surprise or no surprise, we suppose the important part is that No Man's Sky is getting Exo Mechs. If we're to judge by the lengthy trailer presentation alone, they look like they're a blast to operate. 

It's safe to assume that Hello Games kept Exo Mechs under wraps for a while, as they really appear to have nailed the weighty feel of the metal walkers. 

No Man's Sky players can use Exo Mechs to traverse alien landscapes, and not necessarily by walking. There seems to be a way to boost your way and catch flight, which should help you close short distances quickly. 

Exo Mechs can be used for mining, as the trailer will show you at one point, and we suppose there will be some combat capabilities - we are talking about big bad suits here. 

Judging by the trailer, as we are undeniably talking about a finished product that was sent for official announcements, Hello Games will be launching the update any day now. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, Living Ship parking lot No Man's Sky, the Living Ship..umm...ranch?

That said, we're not sure when that day exactly is, because No Man's Sky's developer hasn't announced anything yet. Nevertheless, you can be sure that Hello Games are preparing big bad mechs for the final release, so we'll take it. I mean, who doesn't like big mechs, c'mon?

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