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No Man's Sky Prisms update brings major visual improvements and flying pets

Published: 13:57, 02 June 2021
No Man's Sky screenshot of Prisms update
No Man's Sky Prisms update

Prisms is the latest free update that refreshes No Man's Sky with new visual features including volumetric lighting, new particle effects, better rain and most importantly, new pets.

Hello Games have released another massive update for their space exploration game No Man's Sky. Named Prisms, the update brings a wide variety of improvements to the game's visuals and many other additions. 

"The latest free update, Prisms, dramatically refreshes the No Man’s Sky experience with a range of new visual features and technologies. The universe has never looked better, with reflections, new texture effects, more biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, creature fur, and a host more besides," it's stated in the announcement.

Here is the breakdown of the Prisms update by Sean Murray himself:

  • Reflections 
  • Fur 
  • Flying Pets 
  • Refractions 
  • Rain + Weather 
  • More Stars 
  • Bytebeat Expansion 
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping 
  • New Warp Effects 
  • Improved Photo Mode 
  • New Particle Effects 
  • Improved Light Shafts
  • DLSS
  • Increased Biome Detail

As you can see from the trailer and the screenshot, the game does look noticeably better once all these improvements kick in. Also, there are flying pets which makes this update a clear ten out of ten. 

For a Prisms deep dive and patch notes, check out the announcement on the PlayStation blog.

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