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NIS America games could be coming to Xbox soon, it's claimed

Published: 11:55, 11 July 2022
Updated: 12:01, 11 July 2022
Disagea 6 Complete artwork showing main characters from the game
Disagea 6 Complete is currently available only on PlayStation and PC

Xbox are reportedly trying to bring NIS America-published games to Xbox Series X|S consoles. 

Microsoft are apparently trying to agree on a significant partnership with Nippon Ichi Software (NIS America) , the publisher of popular video game series like Disgaea and The Legend of Heroes .

Xbox insider Nick Baker aka Shpeshal Nick, revealed in the XboxEra podcast that "Microsoft are working with NIS America to bring some games or particular series to Xbox". 

Sadly, Baker did not say what games or series these might be or when the official announcement might be coming, but he made it clear that the deal is still in the works and may fall through, which is one of the reasons why he won't mention any names.

"It's a deal they are working on, just like they did with SEGA," he said. "Please have patience."

Since this is far from an official confirmation, we suggest you take the info with a dose of scepticism, until Microsoft and NIS America announce their potential partnership. 

NIS America Screenshot of nis america website showing the catalogue of nis america games Could some of these games come to Xbox in the near future?

If this deal ever happens, it will mark another significant step for the Xbox when it comes to bringing more Japanese games to the platform and also expanding to Asia and Japan.

Microsoft's Xbox consoles have been struggling to make a meaningful impact in the Asian region, especially in Japan, where products like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation have dominated over many years. 

In terms of sales and reach, the worst period for the American company occurred during the days of Xbox One, which sold miserably in Japan, and has already been overtaken in total sales by Xbox Series X|S consoles , which are only available since late 2020. 

However, despite the underwhelming performance in the land of the rising sun, Xbox have been working hard to turn the tide in their favour with strong partnerships like the one with Team Ninja for their new game Wo: Long Fallen Dynasty , which is launching day one on Game Pass or Hideo Kojima, who is working on an exclusive Xbox project. 

There are also the Persona series Xbox ports and other steps that Xbox have taken recently to increase their presence in Japan.

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