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Nintendo Switch codenamed "Aula" rumoured to have OLED screen, 4K support and more

Published: 07:31, 07 January 2021
screenshot showing Nintendo Switch Pro mockup
Nintendo Switch Pro mockup

Details about a potential Switch Pro version codenamed "Aula" have been discovered in the latest firmware for the console. The datamine revealed hints for 4K support, OLED screen and more.

SciresM, a known Nintendo Switch hacker and modder has revealed some interesting new details about a potential new console from Nintendo Switch, which you may know as the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro. Several new hints have been found in the latest firmware of the Switch console for a new console codenamed "Aula".

According to the datamined info, Switch Pro could rock 4K support, OLED screen and a brand new dock. Here's the breakdown, roughly translated by Google:

  • Uses the same "Mariko" SoC currently used by Switch Lite and Switch v2
  • It's not just desktop
  • Includes 4K support (potentially powered by a new Realtek 4K UHD multimedia SoC chip in the dock)
  • It would have an OLED screen
  • There will be games optimized for the new revision, just as there were with DSi or PS4 Pro.

Reddit The unofficial mockup render for Nintendo Switch Pro console Nintendo Switch Pro (fanmade)

As always with leaks and rumours, we suggest you take the info with a grain of salt until we get a more solid confirmation from reliable sources. That being said, the info does not sound too unrealistic and it's completely possible that the Pro version of Nintendo Switch indeed includes these additions.

Nintendo Switch Pro is rumoured to be in development. Some leaks suggest the console could be revealed on January 11, 2021, with a release date sometime in April 2021. 

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