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Nintendo pretty much confirm Fortnite's launch on the Switch

Published: 09:51, 06 June 2018
Photoshop of Fortnite: Battle Royale on Nintendo's Switch

Watchful eyes of Fortnite fans everywhere, and we assure you they are everywhere, have noticed Nintendo uploading Fortnite Switch update onto its content delivery network, or CDN in short, as well as a thumbnail to match. Yep, it's coming.

To be fair, by now it's not even a surprise, because anyone with half a brain could've seen it coming a mile away. Epic Games have been making a steady effort to ensure Fortnite: Battle Royale is everywhere and playable on everything, so you may want to check whether your neighbours are merely reskins.

Several twitter users noticed Fortnite's foreshadowing on the Switch and promptly , which basically corroborated earlier rumours. You may recall that the LeakyPandy had already in April 2018 and the Korean Ratings Board later seemed to confirm it via a .

Nintendo are set to hold Nintendo Direct E3 2018 soon and it's expected that the company will be announcing Fortnite then. Unfortunately for the Japanese fluffylitarian company, it may be that Fortnite has had a hand in its latest unexpected financial downturn. 

In case you didn't catch it, Nintendo Co. was hit with a sudden two-day , the largest of the kind for the company in the past 18 months. What's particularly interesting is that it came in midst of what everyone saw as awesome bouncing back by Nintendo. 

The market was already well aware that Fortnite is coming and , Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee! have already gone through their share of hype, prompting analysts and investors alike to suspect the company will arrive on E3 empty-handed. This apparently raised suspicions that Nintendo isn't capable of maintaining the Switch's momentum to the point where analysts would raise their earnings targets.

AltChar Nintendo's CDN update that pretty much confirms Fortnite on Switch Fortnite

Let's hope that Fortnite can undo its share of damage to the Switch and we don't see why it shouldn't. After all, it brings an insanely and globally popular multiplayer title to Nintendo's traditionally pretty closed off platforms, which should do the company a world of good. Hopefully, the financial world finds that to be the case too.


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