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Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins leaving Twitch, will be Mixer exclusive

Published: 19:09, 01 August 2019
DJ Marshmello and Ninja getting ready for the tournament
DJ Marshmello and Ninja

Popular Fortnite player and one of Twitch's biggest streaming stars, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, has caught everyone off guard with his latest announcement that he's leaving the platform. He will be streaming exclusively on Mixer from now on.

Admittedly, it was only the public who were surprised, as Ninja said he's been holding onto this for a while now, and that he's pretty excited for what he calls the next chapter in his life, which is what his announcement video is called too. 

Ninja said that Mixer exclusivity is a great way to get in touch with his roots and rediscover why he fell in love with streaming, to begin with. He claims his switch will not affect his performance, win-to-loss ratio nor his hairstyle choices. 

Same goes for his prefered game, and you can expect plenty of Fortnite: Battle Royale from Ninja, only this time from Mixer.

Credit where credit's due - the video you see above is pretty well made and it's both informative and funny, and it's clearly not a low-budget, last-minute effort.

In other words, Microsoft, who own the platform, have paid a pretty penny for this pleasure alone, but it's likely still a trinket compared to what they had to fork out to tie Ninja down to an exclusive contract.

After all, there's no doubt that Ninja has been one of the most popular streamers Twitch ever had, and most certainly among the top 3 most popular personalities on the platform.

"We've loved watching Ninja on Twitch over the years and are proud of all that he's accomplished for himself and his family, and the gaming community. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors", Twitch said in a statement.

CNBC Picture of Tyler Ninja Blevins from CNBC Tyler

Ninja's latest showing on Fortnite World Cup hasn't been a glorious one, as his Pro-Am partnership with Marshmello earned them 11th place, but we guess we could pin that to being preoccupied with the transfer.

Microsoft certainly got a big win here and it remains to be seen whether their investment pays off, although we suspect that fans who follow him may be pleasantly surprised by Mixer's quality.

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