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Next Red Dead Online battle pass to pay its cost back

Published: 23:31, 07 July 2021
Rockstar Games
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Red Dead Online has been plagued with somewhat lacklustre battle passes but it looks like Rockstar are about to step up their game with the next one, adding more than one interesting feature.

RDO players can look forward to improved battle passes, which tend to have fancy names in this game. In the case of the upcoming one, it will be called The Quick Draw club and it will have four parts in total, with the first part kicking off on July 13, with others to come in succession to each other.

Furthermore, these battle passes will feature cosmetics from the singleplayer story, starting with Dutch's outfit in the first pass, called The Redcliff. In case players purchase consecutive passes, they will earn additional perks and rewards, on top of the regular ones. 

This will be easier to do in case you manage to max out each pass since they will give you back the entirety of Gold Bars spent to purchase them. On the flip side, the investment will be 25 Bars so make sure you have enough time to farm them back to avoid throwing the currency away. To sweaten the deal, Rockstar also announced players will get Halloween Pass 2 for free if they manage to complete the four Quick Draw passes.

Speaking of which, Rockstar also teased what to expect in future instalments of the Quick Draw Club. They will continue to provide fashion from the Van der Linde gang with at least four more coming along:

  • Arthur's Haraway outfit
  • John's Clelland outfit
  • Bill's Dedham outfit
  • Javier's Zapatero outfit

Red Dead Online

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