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New World player explains why Armoring painful grind is not worth it

Published: 00:37, 09 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios may have gone overboard with grind and RNG tuning when it comes to crafting as players started figuring out it might not be worth the effort.

One disillusioned New World player took to making a video backed by spreadsheets to prove that maxing out the Armoring trade skill is currently not worth it. 

First off all, there is the massive material grind that you will need to do throughout your levelling process. Instead of focusing on experience and gaining currencies, you will be getting materials to level the Armoring skill as well. If you go the light armour route, for example, you will need a total of 278,730 fibre in order to get enough to level up to 200. That's is a lot of harvesting.

On the other hand, if there is a good payout at the end, it might be worth the grind, right? Well, not really. Depending on the prices of materials, you may stand to lose over 50,000 gold by simply levelling the trade skill to the maximum and then another pile of cash for the Armorer set, consisting of five outfit pieces if you want to be able to craft 600 GS gear reliably. 

The real doozy is that even on top of the armour set, you will also need the food that boosts your GS results as well as three houses with T3 Armoring trophies in them. All of that is expensive but more importantly - it's tough even finding someone willing to sell Armorer's Journal or Precision Tools.

So, after all that agony is done, you still don't get to reap the fruits of your labour because now you have to deal with time-gated material refining. After spending a week or so getting enough materials to craft an armour set, you will be stuck with RNG that can easily result in useless stats or perks on your armour pieces that took an arm, a leg and a week to craft.

It's pretty clear that it's much more efficient to simply go grind your watermark up and earn wealth while grinding as well as selling drops that come your way while keeping anything you like for yourself.

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