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New World patch breaks Trading Post, you might want to cancel your orders

Published: 14:26, 28 October 2021
New World
New World

New World players are reporting missing gold and items all over Aeternum and it appears to have been caused by a glitch that was introduced with the latest update.

New World  trading can take two forms, either player to player direct trade or through the Trading Post, which is the typical auction house system seen in many MMOs. On October 28, 2021, Amazon deployed a patch that fixed numerous issues with the game but also introduced a huge one as players stopped receiving their end of a deal, provided they used the Trading Post.

After the patch was deployed, several players noticed that their sale orders were completed but their compensation wasn't arriving. These sale sizes could get really out of hand as one player reported losing over 8,000 gold in a single night. 

One thing that all vendors have in common is that they were offline when those sales were completed so this is most likely the issue. In case you have some long-standing sale orders at the moment, you might want to take them down until Amazon comes up with a fix and announces it's safe to sell items on TP again.

The patch included some fixes for invulnerability exploits, which are triggered client-side and considering that the sales would only glitch out when the client was off, it's possible the problem originates in these changes.

Amazon New World New World

Whatever the case, try trading directly to players for the time being and avoid using the TP.

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