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New Valorant bug gets a speedy fix from Riot Games

Published: 15:49, 13 May 2020
Riot Games
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The new kid on the block

Riot Games have once again shown the dedication to their community and the amount of effort they put into making their games. The truly devoted team has been on top of numerous problems that have been cropping up in Valorant.

Valorant’s beta is quickly gaining traction across the gaming world, topping the charts for most-viewed game on Twitch last month. That makes it plain to see that people are enjoying Riot’s new game. 

But like all good things, Valorant too has had some hick-ups, from major problems with the servers to minor gameplay bugs that just make playing the game somewhat annoying. 

However, since this is a beta, it is expected for things to go wrong - at least this way any mistakes that happen are on a much smaller scale and can be easily isolated and repaired. That is after all what a beta is designed for: fix it, break it and then fix it again before the finished product is released. 

Throughout this beta, Riot have been showing how much they listen to the community by fixing minor issues, working on larger ones, rolling out patches and generally trying to keep the community happy. 

After the 0.50 patch went live on May 12, players reported a problem with a character’s ability. In a post titled “Sova's arrow got broken devs please help.” by Reddit user _01001010_, the user complained about the character's ability getting broken after the patch went live. 

Riot Games Valorant Sova splashart Agent Sova, the hunter

In a comment on that post, the quality lead of Valorant, rycoux said: “Looks like we made a little booboo with some of the physical pieces of the dart. We are working on a fix right now. Sorry everyone!” 

With the level of dedication that the team has for the game, and the support it is receiving from fans, it looks like Valorant might be Riot’s new golden egg, and they want to polish it as best they can before the game officially releases.

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