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Anthem getting new Stronghold in the upcoming update

Published: 07:20, 23 April 2019
Picture of a javelin flying around in Anthem

Bioware and EA have officially confirmed that Anthem is set to receive another major game update sometime today - 23 April 2019. The patch will introduce a brand new Stronghold and various other quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Bioware's looter shooter Anthem is still struggling to pick up the pace and offer a proper, fun gameplay experience. The game has been suffering from many issues ever since it launched in February 2019. The lack of content is certainly one of the biggest issues, and while Bioware had the three-month roadmap in place, it's safe to say that the updates did not meet players' expectation.

In the latest announcement, EA and BioWare Global Community lead on Anthem, Andrew Johnson, confirmed that a new update is scheduled to release today - 23 April 2019 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM CET / 7 AM to 12 PM CT.

The new, 1.1.0 patch will introduce the new Stronghold named The Sunken and various other quality of life and game improvements along with bug fixes. Furthermore, Bioware will finally talk about the three-month roadmap but don't get your hopes up, it's probably just an announcement for delays of Guild system and other promised features.

The full patch notes should drop sometime today, just before or after the patch, so we'll get more details on specific bug fixes and improvements. Bioware also said that you'll need to download the client update after the servers come back online following the scheduled maintenance.

Shortly after the patch goes live, Bioware will host a live stream in which they plan to talk about the new content and changes as well as give an update on the upcoming content like The Cataclysm event.

All in all, the new patch will hopefully add some, much-needed content to Anthem, to at least keep the players busy until the next batch of events and Strongholds is ready to roll out. 

Whether this will be enough to bring Anthem back in the race, it remains to be seen.

EA artwork from anthem showing a javelin looking at underground ruins Anthem - The Sunken

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