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New spoilertastic 35 minute Prey trailer

Published: 00:27, 18 March 2017

The PlayStation 4 footage doesn't seem to be from the 4K capable Pro

The latest Prey gameplay trailer covers the game's first 35 minutes and answers most of the questions that might have come up since the first trailers. If you want to avoid lots of early spoilers you might as well just have a look at the .

Arkane Prey Prey

The the footage shows your character's morning routine and commute, bumbling around at a testing facility, and of course, everything going someplace close to hell really quickly.  From that point on it's a System Shock flavoured crawl through office spaces. A lot of basic mechanics can be seen as is to be expected from what amounts to the games tutorial section.

Arkane Prey Prey

Prey is scheduled for a 5 May 2017 launch. We all hope that Bethesda and Arkane Studios choosing to showcase the game's PlayStation 4 version doesn't mean the PC version will be as much of a broken mess as Dishonored 2 was on release.

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