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Before Arkane's 2017 Prey, we had Human Head's Prey 2 featuring a badass bounty hunter

Published: 13:42, 01 April 2018
Human Head Studios
Logo of prey 2 cancelled
Prey 2

Arkane did a good job revamping Prey to be a more modern sci-fi game, but the previous Prey 2 seemed like more of an interesting game in general. Comparing the two is impossible as all we have of Prey 2 is 1 minute of gameplay and a trailer

Human Head Studios was in charge of making the sequel to the original Prey released in 2006. All we had to go on was the cinematic trailer showing a badass bounty hunter doing his job to take down alien gangsters. It was less horror and more Blade Runner.

Human Head Studios Prey 2's protagonist standing in an alley Prey 2 - The Bounty Hunter protagonist

Now, after 6 years we finally have at least this one minute of gameplay shared by Digital Games Curator, Andrew Borman on Twitter. He got the footage from Human Head Studios a while back but only recently posted it for unknown reasons. 

Further gameplay shows the world-building and running and gunning style more alike a Halo or Mass Effect first person shooter. While many argued that it was a deviation from the horror genre of the original Prey, it was regarded as a welcome change of pace.

Prey 2 was announced in 2006, but development had not started until 2009 because of legal disputes. When we finally got the trailer for the game in 2012, everyone was excited at the new direction the game was going for. 

Human Head Studios Alien from Exodus standing in the streets Prey 2 - The cancelled game's world Exodus

Fans of the series were disappointed to learn the new Prey in 2017 was going to take a different direction yet again, but were intrigued as to where Arkane Studios would take the game. Arkane is well known for their level design, being referred to by many in the industry as the finest in the business.

Sufficed to say, Prey 2 left players yearning for a sci-fi bounty hunter scenario which has not yet been filled.

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