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New Overwatch short - Rise and Shine, Mei

Published: 18:25, 23 August 2017
Updated: 07:17, 24 August 2017

Blizzard dropped a brand new animated short today. This one is all about Mei. The short details the cheery scientist's backstory at Ecopoint: Antarctica.

Blizzard released a new animated short for Overwatch. This one focuses on Mei and her backstory. We see her at Ecopoint: Antarctica right before she goes into cryogenic sleep (in her Summer Games shirt) for nine years. After she wakes up she finds out that Overwatch had been disbanded and all her fellow scientists' cryo sleep pods malfunctioned while they were sleeping. 

She still has a lot of new data she can use, and after seeing an inspiring message from Winston she decides to find her way to civilization. 

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

I just want to know one thing: How did Snowball get the cup on its head?! 

A word of advice: if you're the emotional type you'll want to have some tissues nearby when you press play on this one. 

In other Overwatch news: Jeff from the Overwatch team went through some improvements they have been working on for Competitive Season six. The Season is going to kick off later this month. 

in order to keep the players engaged throughout. The number of points awarded per win will increase so the players have around the same amount of points at the end of the year. 

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

Skill rating decay will be easier to avoid and if it happens, less points will be taken away.

This is the second animated short we got this week. The first one dropped on Monday, 21 August, and it served to introduce a new escort map - . The short features Junkrat and Roadhog trying to get back into the town after they've been kicked out for several reasons. 

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