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New Gundam Breaker's PC debut delayed to summer 2018

Published: 09:06, 09 June 2018
Bandai Namco
A screenshot of a Gunpla from New Gundam Breaker the game
New Gundam Breaker

If you've been waiting to dip your toes into some Gundam on PC, we've got some semi-bad news. Bandai Namco have revealed that the PC version of New Gundam Breaker won't be coming on 22 June 2018 and will instead launch sometime in summer.

Bandai Namco broke the news via twitter, where they said that New Gundam Breaker's long awaited arrival on PC and Steam has been pushed back due to the game needing "further enhancements". Therefore, the company will take more time to polish it up for a proper debut.

I must admit though, the delay got me somewhat concerned because it's not often that we see PC version pulled while PS4 stays. Nevertheless, I could speculate for days on end here but the smart thing to do is wait for New Gundam Breaker's PS4, which should be an indicator enough of what to expect in general.

New Gundam Breaker will let you fiddle with your Gunpla like never before, with a slew of weapons, parts and builds to fiddle with. You'll even be able to replace parts mid fight, scavenging what's left of the Gunpla you've previously dismantled. As you can imagine, this will let the quickest of the bunch reach insane levels, provided they can keep up with the hectic tempo of kill, analyse, implant, repeat.

In case you're not familiar with the franchise, you should know that Gundam was rocking Japan back when Optimus Prime wasn't even an idea. Gunpla, which are basically your plastic Gundam models, make up for an immense part of Japanese toy industry and as much as 450 million units have been sold from 1979 to 2015.

Although transforming mechs tend to immediately jump to Transformers, you should know that Gundam is immensely more popular in Asia. Bandai Namco hopes that New Gundam Breaker changes this, although PC owners will have to wait until the summer 2018 to try it out. 

Bandai Namco A flying Gunpla from the upcoming game New Gundam Breaker New Gundam Breaker

I swear though, transforming robots have a strange power to instantly transform me into a kid. Alas, I better get back to work, before I transform into an UnemployBot, wink wink.

You can find the official New Gundam Breaker .

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