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Elden Ring announcement teased by FromSoftware insider with a meme

Published: 09:42, 24 May 2021
Gabriel Björk Stiernström
Elden Ring - E3 trailer concept art
Elden Ring - E3 trailer concept art

Memes have become a way we communicate our thoughts and feelings lately and the best use of one such "picture that launches thousands of Karma points" has emerged out of Resetera screenshot that teases some imminent Elden Ring news.

FromSoftware might be gearing up to drop some major Elden Ring news on the (un)suspecting fans. A verified Resetera user and an avid FromSoftware insider has announced the tidings with a meme of all things.

Omnipotent Elden Ring - Omnipotent's post Elden Ring - Omnipotent's post

The user, described only as " Omnipotent " (which would explain how they know an announcement for Elden Ring is coming), has utterly shaken the foundations of Reddit and sent the Elden RIng subreddit into a frenzy. 

The patient people of the Elden RIng subreddit have found the news hard to believe, as they have been hurt before, but this time it seems FromSoftware actually means it when they say they are going to drop some news about the eagerly-awaited title.

AltChar's previous coverage of Elden Ring

Read all about the rumours that Elden Ring could feature the Tendency mechanic, swimming and hunting here. The news has come from 4chan so bring your salt of choice.

If the post discussed in this article gets your hopes too high, settle down with a cup of tea and the news from From Software's parent company Kadokawa Corp about how the game could be delayed into 2022.

Finally, strap in for the emotional Slip ’N Slide that is the news that Bandai Namco have joined the E3 2021 lineup , but Elden Ring won't be showcased. Or will it?

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