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New Death Stranding trailer introduces Heartman character

Published: 09:13, 27 July 2019
death stranding screenshot showing hearman character
Death Stranding - Heartman

Sony have shared a new trailer for the upcoming action-adventure Death Stranding. This time, the trailer focuses on one of the key characters in the game - Heartman - who dies every 21 minutes. Heartman is based on Nicolas Winding Refn.

Even with all the trailers, details and regular info from Hideo Kojima, the cinematic action-adventure Death Stranding is still a mystery in many ways. Kojima describes his creation as something that doesn't fit into the standard video game genre. Apparently, it's an action strand game or social strand system, whatever that means.

Anyway, Hideo Kojima and Sony have shared a new trailer in which they offer additional details about one of the game's main characters - Heartman. The short video premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 but it wasn't available to the public until now. 

The video features Heartman who is played by Nicolas Winding Refn, a Danish film director who brought us 2011's Drive and 2009's Valhalla Rising among other films. Heartman talks to Norman Reedus' character and the protagonist of Death Stranding Sam Porter Bridges about a rare condition that he has.

Heartman explains that he dies every 21 minutes and how this strange condition affects his life. Once again, a pretty confusing and mysterious trailer that creates more questions than answers.

On his official Twitter, Hideo Kojima offered a couple of more details about Heartman and his condition. He said that Heartman is a member of Bridges, which is a delivery services company in Death Stranding. Kojima confirmed that Hearman's heart stops every 21 minutes and after that, he spends his time in "the world of the dead "for 3 minutes and comes back by AED or Automated External Defibrillators. This happens 60 times in one day.

Kojima also thanked Winding Refn for portraying Heartman. He also mentioned that they only used Refn's looks for the character and a different actor will provide the voice and motion capture.

Sony Death Stranding
Death Stranding

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Death Stranding, upcoming PS4 exclusive by Kojima Productions

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