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Hideo Kojima explains Death Stranding genre and gameplay

Published: 10:48, 06 June 2019
Death Stranding

Death Stranding is not a shooter nor a stealth game according to Hideo Kojima. It's a totally new genre which he calls an action/strand game or social strand system, similar to how he used to call Metal Gear Solid tactical espionage action.

Ever since the first official trailer for Hideo Kojima's upcoming Death Stranding dropped a couple of years ago, many players have been wondering what exactly can they expect from Kojima's new project in terms of gameplay, story and genre. 

The latest trailer revealed some of the game's mechanics like shooting and climbing, but again, the concept of the game remains a mystery. On his official Twitter, Hideo Kojima tried his best to explain Death Stranding in a couple of tweets after many players sent him questions regarding the game's genre.

First, he made it clear that Death Stranding is definitely not a stealth game and it's not first person shooter either. He used the term social strand system as a genre to describe it. 

"DS is not a stealth game. Could move subjectively but not an FPS shooting game either. By incorporating with the concept of connection (strand), it's a totally brand new genre called action game/strand game(social strand system)," Kojima wrote.

Furthermore, he explained that genres are not usually made by the game's creators, but it's something that he likes to do, just like he did with Metal Gear Solid which was described as tactical espionage action rather than a stealth game.

Unfortunately, Kojima didn't explain how his social strand system game is different from other titles. We know that Death Stranding will connect players all over the world, who will have to work together and help each with different tasks.

Death Stranding will also feature different time periods, from World War I to post-apocalyptic America. It's possible that players will be split between different time periods which would be a truly unique feature. 

For more Death Stranding news, check out on some of the game's characters including Cliff played by Mads Mikkelsen. 

Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding is out on 08 November 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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Death Stranding

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