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NBA 2K21 will reveal cover athlete within a week

Published: 15:31, 24 June 2020
Screenshot of Zion Williamson in NBA 2K21
The hype for NBA 2K21 is real.

2K released a video featuring Anthony Davis where he is teasing three dates when NBA 2K21 news bits are going to drop. The juicy part is that the cover athlete reveal is pretty much confirmed.

Anthony Davis, who was the cover athlete for NBA 2K20, starred in 2K's latest teaser as he mentioned three big dates when NBA 2K21 news will drop. The text shown floating around him states he knows who the next cover athlete is and that fans can find out in about a week.

The news reveals will kick off on June 30, continue on July 1 and wrap up on July 2, 2020. Considering that 2K will be dropping more NBA 2K21 info all week, we don't know which of these three dates will reveal the cover for certain.

However, since it's three dates and NBA 2K games usually have Standard, Deluxe and Legend Edition, it is not excluded each day will correspond to a different game package. If this turns out to be the case, it would mean that the first day of reveals, June 30, will be when we find out who the next cover athlete is.

Fans are currently speculating that it will be Zion Williamson for the Standard Edition as he was already featured in the trailer seen below. Whether 2K made a deal only for the trailer or to have him on the cover as well still remains unconfirmed.

As for Legend Edition, people seem to be mostly hoping it's Kobe. The man's influence on the entire sport and his legacy are legendary on their own so honouring him in such a way seems rather appropriate.

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