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Super Punch-Out multiplayer option discovered after almost three decades

Published: 11:43, 09 August 2022
Super Punch-Out
Super Punch-Out

Some secrets persist for years before being discovered but Super Punch-Out has gone on for almost three decades before someone found its multiplayer.

Video games can go on for a long time before people unearth all of their secrets but it's usually the ones with a massive amount of content that keep their mysteries hidden for the longest periods of time.

This was not the case with Super Punch-Out , a game that can be beaten in about half an hour but kept the existence of its multiplayer mode a secret for 28 years.

It was released in 1994 and the mode was discovered on August 8, 2022 , leaving it just short of three decades of having an unrevealed game mode.

In order to jump into the actions with two players, two gamepads need to be connected from the get-go. Then, the players need to push Y+R on the second gamepad, followed by A or Start button on the main gamepad.

This input sequence will open a character selection menu, where players can choose their opponent from the 16 fighters they would normally encounter during singleplayer.

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However, if they were to press B+Y on the second gamepad, followed by A or Start on the main gamepad, the character selected for the CPU would become controllable by a player instead, the one on the second gamepad.

With the multiplayer being a secret for so long, Super Punch-Out has likely broken some sort of record as even huge games like The Witcher 3 managed to keep their mysteries obscure for "only" seven years or so.

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