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Multiple PlayStation exclusives are coming to PC but none of them are Bloodborne

Published: 10:36, 14 July 2021
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"I am aware of multiple upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games but sadly none are Bloodborne," says well-known PlayStation modder Lance McDonald.

Rumours about Bloodborne PC port have been floating around the gaming forums and social media for quite some time but sadly, Sony never confirmed they are working on such a title.

However, since Sony have started to publish their games on PC lately, the speculation about Bloodborne port have once again surfaced online with a bit of extra information.

Apparently, the game will get a minor makeover which will include slightly better visuals and 60 FPS on PC. And while the speculation is in full swing again, some, more reliable sources are trying to slow the hype down.

One of these sources is celebrated PlayStation modder Lance McDonald, who revealed that he has heard about multiple PlayStation exclusives that will be coming to PC but Bloodborne is not one of them.

"If Bloodborne gets announced for PC, I'd love to smugly say 'I secretly knew all about this!' but it would be a lie. I am aware of multiple upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games, but sadly none are Bloodborne," McDonald said.

Of course, this does not mean that Bloodborne will not be coming to PC. It's still possible that such port is in the works but at this moment, McDonald has not heard about it. 

"For some reason, a lot of people actually genuinely think I secretly know about unannounced Bloodborne projects. I keep searching for info, and looking into all the fake leaks and rumours but sadly there’s nothing there that I’ve found so far."

Perhaps Sony are doing the best they can to keep it secret?

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