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Bloodborne PC port is almost done, reveal should be coming in the next few months

Published: 11:36, 12 August 2020
Bloodborne promotional image showing the game's protagonist in a black leather coat in the dark city streets.

A leaker who previously revealed that Bloodborne is set to release on PC has shared new details about the state of the development and potential reveal date. Apparently, the PC port is nearly done and release is coming in the next few months.

Remember those Bloodborne Remastered rumours that appeared earlier this year? Well, the leaker who revealed this info in the first place now has a fresh update, which reveals new details about the development and a potential reveal.

The leaker claims that there was another big playtest round of PC port in July to address some of the issues that were found during previous QA testing. These bugs and issues have all been fixed and online functionality is fully operational, meaning that the work on the port is now coming to an end.

As he previously revealed, the port won't have unlocked framerate since anything above 60 FPS is causing a lot of issues so a 60 FPS cap is probably expected. Apparently, Sony plan to have the remaster ready for PlayStation 5 launch window line-up.

YouTube screenshot showing Bloodborne PC port rumour details Bloodborne PC port rumour

As for the reveal date, the info is pretty vague. The reveal should be coming in the next few months but the leaker has made it clear that he does not have any solid info about this. 

Last but not least, Sony are still undecided whether Bloodborne Remaster will be a free update for those who own Bloodborne on PS4 or a separate game that you need to buy regardless.

You can find the full Bloodborne PC port rumour here in the pinned comment.

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