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More Starfield screenshots appear online

Published: 18:39, 01 October 2020
New Starfield screenshot showing a character standing in front of metal construction
New Starfield screenshot

A fresh batch of screenshots from what appears to be Bethesda's RPG Starfield have leaked online. This time, we have another in-game screenshot, a faction logo and building sets.

Earlier this month we got first in-game screenshots of Bethesda's upcoming RPG Starfield. And while it's always hard to verify such leaks and rumours, these screenshots have looked pretty legit and realistic.

Rumours suggest that these are the images from an early build from 2018, which could be the case since they look quite barren.

A couple of days ago, new rumour over on 4chan revealed that more Starfield screenshots have leaked from Bethesda's offices and by the looks of it, this could be the truth.

Today, we have another batch of leaked screenshots which reveal some interesting new details. The first screenshot, which you can see above once again shows us the player character, the HUD and a metal construction.

Just like earlier leaks, this one also appears to be from an early version of the game. The other two screenshots, which you can see in the NeoGaf thread here , reveal some sort of a logo (possibly a faction logo?) and a building set.

These two are pretty easy to fake to be honest so take it with a grain of salt. Astronaut looking at a space station, presumably from Starfield Starfield's presumably leaked in-game shot

Starfield is rumoured to be coming sometime in 2021. It's safe to assume that PC and Xbox Series X are probably the release platforms, after Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda.

The game will also be on Game Pass on launch day.

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